Artificial Intelligence

The AI is versatile and supports interactive conversations.  The AI technology supports learning capabilities.  The more you interact with Emma the more she will remember and learn.

Emma can hold regular and sexual conversations with you.  She connects to the Internet which enables her to learn even more and improve her capabilities.  There are no additional charges for the updates to Emma’s operating system.

Supported Languages: English and Chinese (other languages coming soon).

Robotic Head with Facial Movement

Emma’s head can turn left to right, her eyes blink, her eyebrows move, and her lips open and close when she speaks.

Sensitive Touch Sensing System

Emma has integrated sensors in her arms, breasts, and thighs to react to her touch.  Touch any of her sensors and Emma will react appropriately.

Intelligent Body Temperature Maintenance System

Emma heat control system so she will feel warm and lifelike. The heating system has smart heat control so it will turn off automatically turn off when the set body temperature is reached.

Check out Emma the AI (Artificial Intelligence) TPE Love Doll!